Adobe Photoshop course for Beginners in Urdu 2023

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Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a versatile photo editing software that enjoys immense popularity among graphic designers. Its wide range of features, including photo resizing, cropping, text effects, and more, allows users to enhance their images and achieve professional results. This article will explore why Adobe Photoshop is a must-have tool for those looking to elevate their creative endeavors in Pakistan.

Exploring Adobe Photoshop’s Superiority

Why Adobe Photoshop Leads the Way

Adobe Photoshop is the all time best photo Editing software available for graphic designers. It has become an indispensable part of every Designer’s toolkit in Pakistan, especially for those building their online presence.

With hundreds of thousands of Graphic Designers in Pakistan relying on Adobe Photoshop, it’s evident that this software has something unique to offer. But what sets it apart? Adobe Photoshop’s popularity can be attributed to various factors, including its user-friendly interface and the vast array of online tutorials available to support users.

Scope of Adobe Photoshop in Pakistan

12 Ways to Make Money using Adobe Photoshop:

  • Graphic Design: Create logos, banners, and graphics for clients.
  • Photo Editing: Retouch photos or restore old images.
  • Web Design: Design websites and custom web elements.
  • Digital Art: Create digital paintings and illustrations.
  • Print Design: Design brochures, posters, and business cards.
  • Social Media Content: Craft visuals for social media marketing.
  • T-shirt Design: Create custom graphics for apparel.
  • Teaching: Offer Photoshop tutorials or training.
  • Content Creation: Collaborate with content creators or influencers.
  • Freelancing: Provide freelance Photoshop services.
  • Stock Photography: Sell your photos or graphics.
  • Custom Artwork: Accept commissions for personalized artwork.

Career Advancement

But where do you start? How can you increase your resume, portfolio, and skill set to land more gigs and earn more money? We’ve got you covered.

Adobe Photoshop Courses in Pakistan

There are many on-campus and online platforms in Pakistan to teach you Graphic Designing , but most are too expensive. On average, these institutes charge 10,000-30,000 PKR per month. This is quite a large sum, and an average person cannot afford to pay such a huge sum.

An Affordable Alternative

SKILLISH is the solution where you will be charged only 299 rupees per month for the Complete Online Graphic Designing and all the courses provided here. This great news has added to your excitement. 

All the stuff sold for 10,000 – 30,000 per month will be available to you in 299 just PKR, along with numerous other courses, so grab this rare opportunity quickly. SKILLISH will live up to your expectations!

What You Will Learn in This Course

Key Lessons of the Course:

01 – Photoshop Basic: Learn Photoshop basics like creating new projects, opening and saving images, workspace and navigation.

02 – Cropping: Learn everything about layers, including how they work, arrangement, shortcuts, blending modes, layer styles, and types.

03 –   Selections: Learn about cropping tools and options like perspective cropping, content awareness, and straightening.

04 – Transformation: Learn every type of selection tool and technique, as well as other options for creating good selections like the pen tool, channel-based selection, and easy sky replacement.

05 –  Masking: Learn everything about masks, including basics, masking with the brush tool, clipping masks, and important mask-related shortcuts.

06 – Brush Tool: In this Module You will learn everything about Brush tools like How to use brush, different types of brush ( Color replacement Brush, Color Mixer Brush ) Background and Foreground Color, Brush settings, How to create Own brush, How to download and install brush etc.

07 – Eraser Tool: Learn how to erase unwanted parts, skies, or backgrounds using the eraser tool.

 09 – Light & Color Adjustment: In this Module You will learn every important tool related to lights and color like Brightest and contrast, Level, Curve, Hue and Saturation, Color Mixture, Channel Mixture , Dodging and Burning etc.

10 – Typography: In this Module You will learn every possible option available for Text and Paragraph creation and their decoration. We will also learn about Font classification, How to download and install font, Special Type of font,  Glyphs, and Text on Path etc.

11 – Shape: In this Module You will learn Everything about shape like shape properties, shape combination, shape to path modification etc.

12 – Camera RAW: If you are a photographer ( Any type of photographer ) and capture Raw images then this module makes you happy and amazed because Camera Raw is a complete package of Tools that is required for light and color adjustment.

13 – Filters: In this Module You will learn about Filter like –

Liquefy – Used for shape correction.

Blur – Used For Background blur, bokeh effect,  face retouching and motion effect etc. 

Distort – Used for surface  displacement, Polar Coordinates, Wave Creation etc.

14 – Action or Automation: Inside Photoshop you can record your editing process and create an Action and you can use this action for automation

How to Sign up for Skillish App?

To sign up for the Skillish App Download the Skillish App and create an account. Once you have created an account, you can watch all the courses for only 299 monthly rupees.