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Skillish is an E-Learning educational centre. It offers skill based courses to students, entrepreneurs and small business owners on a monthly basis.

Yes !  We give you the full option to cancel the subscription any time throughout the year and if you ever feel that the content of the courses is not as claimed or inappropriate then you can apply for refund.

We do not claim that we are the best in the world but the content of international standards at such a low price in Urdu / Hindi language is not being offered by anyone else other than us.  If you are fluent in English or have the ability to afford high price courses, you can use other platforms but if you want to learn good and unlimited skills at low price in one place at home then Skillish is designed especially for you.

We do not offer a free trial because we ensure the providence of all the course contents in advance via whatsapp and website, in order to satisfy you prior to the subscription.

You will be updated 24/7 irrespective of whether you are a monthly or yearly subscriber. You can contact our team through phone calls, whatsapp, email and social media 24/7. Furthermore, we shall ensure to update you regarding all the innovative things frequently.

Subscribers within the country (Pakistan) can pay via easypaisa, jazzcash or bank account while people residing outside Pakistan can contact our customer service department through whatsapp for further details regarding payment.

Pakistani students can pay via local networks as well as bank accounts while international students can only pay via bank account. We are working on usage of more convenient ways in the near future. 

 We will not withdraw money from your account without your permission.  Whenever your subscription is about to expire, we will notify you by notification so that you can subscribe if you feel the need or otherwise terminate.  And if you buy an annual plan, the money will be taken out of your account at once but you can always file a refund request.

We will not ask you to complete any legal formalities. Whenever you claim a refund, our team will contact you in order to understand your problem. If the problem is from us then we shall be responsible to solve it free of cost. If we  can't solve it we will refund your money within 5 minutes but if the problem is caused by you then the company will try to solve it for free but will not refund the funds.

Amrat also has a charity program in which we give a free subscription to those students who can not afford. This facility is provided to one student after every ten subscriptions. For this you must first contact the customer service department. If you are deserbing, the company will not charge you.

If you forget your password, you can reset it with the password reset option in the app, and if this is difficult to do, our customer service department will automatically reset your password .

Amrat does not have a physical professor. We prepare courses through expert content creators in any subject from different countries and upload them in our app.

There is no set order or restriction for viewing courses. You can view any course 24/7 from anywhere.

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