Computer Basics to Advance

Coming on Wednesday 9 Nov 2022

Why is it important to learn Computer?

The world is moving faster than ever before. It’s time to update your skills, or you’ll be left behind. There is no denying the fact that computer literacy is a crucial skill that almost everyone needs to master.

As technology becomes more pervasive, we are seeing more jobs created related to technology. From software development to IT, this field has been growing at a rapid rate, and there is still more to come. It’s very important to learn Computer, even if you aren’t interested in becoming a programmer. 

You can build a solid foundation for any career field by getting familiar with the basics. And once you do, you’ll be able to apply what you learned to many different aspects of life.

What can you do with a Professional computer Skill?

Your computer is one of the most vital tools for almost everyone in the world. It’s how we send and receive emails, shop online, watch videos, listen to music, read books, write articles, chat with friends, create presentations, take pictures, record video, etc.

But the fact is that, if you have never used a computer before, you will feel a bit lost. Even if you are proficient in using computers, you are still bound to encounter problems due to unfamiliarity with the different software applications and the way computers work.

There are a lot of computer skills out there – and most of them are really easy to learn. That’s because you can learn everything from basic PC maintenance and web design to advanced programming, web hosting, and e-commerce.

But some people are really good at some skills and not good at others. And that’s where things get really interesting.

Highest Paid Jobs that Require Computer Skills ?

If you’re thinking of moving out of a dead-end job in the retail sector and into a career with better pay, you’ll want to learn about the highest paid jobs that require computer skills.

These include computer programmers, web designers, software engineers, app developers, database managers, network administrators, etc.

How Much Can You Make with Computer Skill?

There are many people who use computers, yet they have no idea of how much money they could make with just a little bit of computer skill. According to a rough estimate, the average computer user is making around 3,000,000 PKR a year in Pakistan.

If you have a good understanding of computers, you can make much more than that. It is possible to make a comfortable living from your computer skills. 

Then why are people who use computers not earning more?

The reason is that they are not using their skills to their full potential. They are doing a lot of things wrong. Our computer course is designed to make sure that you are using your skills in the best possible way.