No #1 Acting course in Pakistan: Skillish

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Discover the Best Online Platform

Are you searching for the best online platform to learn acting in Pakistan? Look no further. You’ve arrived at the right place, the ideal platform to fulfil your dreams of becoming an actor.

Embrace the Fundamentals

If you aspire to kick start your career as an actor, it’s crucial to master the fundamentals of acting. The good news is that this comprehensive online course provides everything you need to acquaint yourself with the basics of acting. Not only will you learn to act with ease, but you’ll also earn an accredited certificate upon completion. After finishing the course, an automated test will evaluate your proficiency, and you’ll receive a certificate that reflects your accomplishments.

Understanding Acting and Actors

What is acting, and who is an actor? In simple terms, working is an art where individuals assume imaginary roles in plays, dramas, films, stage shows, television programs, or commercial ads. Actors employ various gestures and movements to bring fictional or fantastical stories to life. Typically, it takes place in theatres, television, films, radio, and commercials. 

Actors perform in front of cameras, portraying specific characters. An actor essentially becomes the character, making it a form of storytelling.

Anyone Can Be an Actor

Acting isn’t restricted to a specific group of people; anyone can be trained to become an actor. However, it’s important to note that becoming an actor is a complex journey. It requires proper training and guidance, along with dedication, determination, a strong will, and hard work. If you’re passionate about acting and have the potential to perform, you can pursue a career in acting.

The Necessity of Training

While formal education is not mandatory to become an actor, the field is highly competitive. To succeed, you must possess exceptional skills. Actors aren’t selected solely based on their appearance or connections; they are preferred if they demonstrate unique acting abilities. Being well-trained is essential for portraying fictional characters effectively. Think of it this way: just as you can’t drive a car without learning to go, you can’t become an actor without proper training.

Acting Course Fee in Pakistan?

You may wonder, where can you learn acting in Pakistan, and how much does it cost? In Pakistan, there are numerous acting schools and platforms, but most of them come with a hefty price tag. On average, these institutes charge between 20,000 and 50,000 PKR per month, making it challenging for the average person to afford.

An Affordable Alternative

SKILLISH offers a budget-friendly solution, charging only 299 rupees per month for not just acting but also a wide array of courses. This exciting news should boost your enthusiasm. 

For a mere 299 PKR, you gain access to what other platforms offer for 20,000-50,000 per month, along with a variety of additional courses. Don’t miss this rare opportunity; SKILLISH will exceed your expectations!

What You Will Learn in This Course

Key Lessons of the Course:

  • Introduction to Acting
  • The Actor’s Personal Story
  • How to Memorise Dialogues
  • How to Prepare Dialogues
  • Basic Tools for Acting
  • How to Play Real-life Characters
  • How to Work on Fictional Characters
  • How to do Method Acting
  • How to Develop Your Character for A Movie
  • Acting Tips and Tricks
  • How to Act for Camera 
  • Imagination for characterisation
  • How to observe your Character
  • How to Concentrate on Your Character
  • A Practical Guide to Break down Script
  • Give your Character Perfect Voice
  • How to Act with Your Eyes
  • How to Evoke Emotions on Camera
  • Listen to Speak Better
  • What is Difference between Film Acting and Theatre Acting
  • Choose Right Costume
  • Using Props
  • Is portfolio Important ?
  • How to Perform in Audition Stage
  • How to Secure your First Role
  • How to Dub your Character
  • Improve your Network with Directors

How to Sign up for Skillish App?

To sign up for the Skillish App Download the Skillish App and create an account. Once you have created an account, you can watch all the courses for only 299 monthly rupees.