The Complete Messenger Marketing course in Urdu 2023

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The Complete Messenger Marketing course in Urdu 2023,
messenger marketing course in Urdu,
messenger marketing in Pakistan.

Messenger Marketing: What It Is and Why You Should Learn It?

Messenger marketing is digital marketing that leverages messenger apps and catboats to engage with clients and advertise goods and services. It’s a relatively recent marketing approach, yet it’s rapidly emerging as one of the most favored and efficient methods for engaging with consumers.

Why is messenger marketing important for businesses?

There are several reasons why messenger marketing is vital for businesses:

  • Messenger apps are top-rated. Based on Statist’s data, more than 4.5 billion individuals are utilizing messenger apps globally. it allows businesses to connect with a vast and highly engaged audience.
  • Messenger apps are highly engaging. Messenger apps are designed for real-time communication, meaning businesses can interact with customers more personally and engagingly than through other forms of marketing.
  • Messenger apps are relatively inexpensive to use. Several messenger marketing platforms are available, and many offer free or low-cost plans. This makes messenger marketing an accessible option for businesses of all sizes.

What are the benefits of messenger marketing?

Messenger marketing can offer several benefits for businesses, including:

  • It increased customer engagement. Messenger marketing allows businesses to interact with customers more personally and engagingly than other forms of marketing. This has the potential to result in enhanced customer loyalty and greater satisfaction.
  • We have improved sales and conversions. Messenger marketing can help businesses increase sales and conversions by giving customers a convenient and easy way to purchase products and services.
  • They have reduced marketing costs. Messenger marketing is a relatively inexpensive form of marketing that can help businesses reduce their overall marketing costs.

Why should you learn messenger marketing?

Messenger marketing is a valuable skill for anyone who wants to work in digital marketing. It is a relatively new field, but it is increasing. As more and more businesses start to use messenger marketing, there will be a growing demand for skilled messenger marketers.

What will You Learn in this Course?

Course Topics:

  • Chabot Basics & Use Cases
  • Many chat-Introduction
  • VBC Flows, Triggers
  • How to save date in Many chat 
  • Actions, Conditions & Smart Delays
  • Publishing A Chabot
  • Understanding Growth Tools
  • Deconstructing A Chabot
  • Building Your First Chabot
  • Integration with Google Sheets, Mail chimp And Other Email Software’s
  • Integration with Stripe and PayPal
  • Building Some Advanced Integrations
  • Potential Of The Chabot Industry
  • Potential Of Chabot Industry-How To Get Leads

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