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What Professionals Say?

Having worked with the Enablers for six months, I can tell you the obvious difference between Enablers and Amrat.

What Enablers Have :

•• Wide range of free courses on their site ( make sure all free courses are just basics they just give you an idea not Brief )
•• Millions of Following ( there is no one when they started )
•• They are funded with millions of dollars
•• Siqib Azhar is a Celebrity

What Enablers Don't have :

•• Good Customer Service
•• Easy Payment System
•• Clear Refund Policy
•• Mobile Friendly App & Website
•• Costly courses ( if you attend their physical classes you have to pay an average of 30,000 Per Course )

What Amrat has :

•• Wide range of Courses on their app ( you have to pay just 1099 based on a Monthly Subscription )
•• 600+ ready to use templates ( you can download all the templates without watermark )
•• Mobile Friendly application
•• One-click payment Process
•• 365 days Refund Policy
•• 24/ 7 hand holding Support via Email, Phone call, Whatsapp, and Social Media.
•• International Standard Content in Local language
•• Demo Content ( you can try before but through messenger, Whatsapp, and Website )
•• Charity Program ( Every 10 paid Enrollments they give 1 Free Subscription to the people that couldn't Subscribe )
•• Learn anytime Anywhere
Stay up to date & get notified every time the course content is updated.

What Amrat doesn't have :

•• Celebrity Status
•• Physical Workshops
•• Millions of Followers

Adeel Nawaz Professor at Punjab College

I have done many courses in the last five years from enablers, digiskills, Coursera, and Udemy, let me tell you why I like Amrat.

Udemy vs Amrat

Suppose you want to learn 5 different skills ( web development, App Development, Business Management, Freelancing, and Digital Marketing ). If you want to learn through Udemy you have to pay a minimum of $25 for each course ( in this case you have to pay $125) but if you want to learn through Amrat you just have to pay 1099 monthly ( in this you have to $1.18 ( 219pkr ) for each Course .

Coursera vs Amrat

Coursera provides you free courses but in English, if you are a native English speaker you can take advantage. Amrat is currently targeting Urdu, and Hindi Speakers so if you are not native English speaker Amrat is the only choice .

Digiskills vs Amrat

DigiSkills is an official platform but it has a certain time period and Specific seats in which you have to enroll, if you miss the first badhe then you have to wait for the next badge while Mr. Trainee is open 24/7/365.

Enablers vs Amrat

They are very costly, I am also one of them who paid 44k for the FBA Mastery Exl Course which is known as an Advance level course written that you will get Support but let me clear 1 thing .

What you will get
● ZERO support from mentor even mentor SSM .
● Class is the same as uni clg ratta fication slides only .
● No takes of Experience, just they read Script.
● We don't know which product we are launching.

But what you will get from Amrat

● 24/7 Mentor Support
● Updated tools and Content
● Practical Work not Ratta System
● Ready made templates

" Hope this helps you in making the right choice."

Masood Khalil Philanthropist & Educationist

What Students Say?

"I’ve purchased and participated in many programs over the years. However Amrat, by far, is one of the top Educational App that I've had the chance of working with. They have created a very easy method for someone like me to follow and be successful with. They have shared so much information at a reasonable cost. They have won me over as a follower. I look forward to learning more with them in the future. Thank you!

Abdul Wahab Assistant Director at MTBC Pakistan

“The Human Resource Management Course has been so effective for me that I've pre registered for other courses from Amrat. Trainee's material dives deep into actionable items. The makers do not offer some silver bullet. In fact, they teach you a step-by-step guide to help you build a long-distinguished career.”

Asim Bilal Human Resources Manager at Telenor Pakistan

This is the best place I have spent money on any type of course. All the advice was straightforward and actionable. Amrat document files alone were worth the price of subscription. If creating a long time relationship with your audience is vital for your business, you owe it to yourself to give this course a try.

Imran Fareed Manager at Gilani Mart Abbottabad

Copywriting course is fantastic, hands down among the best I've used -and I've used many. it is actionable, simple, insightful and straight to the point. Zero time wasted, maximum time for execution. The ONE resource is extremely helpful and has given me more clarity than months of journaling and pondering. You learn to define your niche, understand their issues, and convert that into content with great copywriting learnings. Delivered in Detailed videos so it makes you feel like you progress, so it keeps you going. 100% recommended, no doubt

Israr Shaheen Freelance CopyWriter

I’m blown away by the amount of valuable and actionable insights. If you're starting out or even halfway through your Social Media journey, buy this course. Thanks Amrat

Junaid Sadiq Social Media Manager at PIDM

" A person does need to be careful what they purchase on any site. I read the information extensively before clicking the process button. Making sure you are purchasing what you think you are purchasing is very important. Looking around and checking prices to make sure you couldn't get a better deal elsewhere, Amrat has a great selection of practically anything a Student could want. It is amazing that I can Learn anything from Digital Marketing to Entrepreneurship."

Khalil Khan Social Media Marketing Manager at Uplift Pakistan

"If you want to learn something and can't find it, go to Amrat; they have just about everything. It is cheaper than anywhere else. I feel it's extremely important to read the course description on Their site because you also need to remember that just because one person has an issue, doesn't mean that it's a bad thing. Amrat has a really good refund policy so that if you don’t receive the services to your expectations, you can have a piece of mind with the money back guarantee . Also, on their website you can check to see when the Upcoming Course date is."

Asad Mahmood Advocate at High Court Gujranwala Pakistan

" Amrat is a unique thing I have ever seen, dude 😎 they are providing all kind of world-class courses on the basis of monthly subscription , not just courses with more than 600 ready to use templates , and the suggestion box is an awesome tool . I loveAmrat cz it's easy to use, cheap at price not value , 24/7 hand holding support and refund policy . "

Jawed Ahmed Managing Director at Jaleel Plastic Corporation Multan

" Many kbi koi course nahi kia is lia yeh nahi kh sakta ky yeah world-class hy ya nahi lakn aik bat J's ky waja Sy mujy yeah achy lagy " main student hun or apni study experience pury krny ky lia Foodpanda krta hun , mare owner Sy Mulaqat howe to many usko apni situation btai us Ny mujy 1 year ka subscription plan free main lgwa dia or kaha " usky bad charge kroun ga Kun ky Tb Tak Tum Self-made ban jao gy IA '' mare sath J's izzat or professionalism Sy unky staff ny bat ki even though ky main aik delivery boy tha meri apni nazron mein mare izzat barha di . " I love them because of their humanity.

Waqar ul Hassan CSS Student

" I spent close to 2 months watching your Business Series before starting to work on my business idea. The Series helped me a lot as a first-time founder trying to set something up. Thanks for spending the time to record this course and publish it! I'm sure it has helped thousands like me.”

Bahzad Ahmed Founder at Bahzad and Co
Waleed Khan Founder at Vito Ristorante London

" I am a business graduate from Metropolitan London University and wanted to start a business in Pakistan. For that I wanted to learn Pakistan's local language and Customer's behaviors'. That's why I Used Amrat and Watched their business series. I have found that there was so much content in this app that mirrored my degree from university. I would strongly recommend this app to all those who want to do a personal MBA."

Usman Khan COO at Khawaja Woollen Mills Pvt Ltd

" Advertising Management is an incredible value for the price. The tools that Amrat offers in the course have been a huge help in Marketing my business. To be honest, the Document files you get with the course alone are worth the course tuition fee.”

Mudasir Khan Legal Advisor at HQ LAW OFFICES LLP

“ Amrat teaches you everything you need to know in an A-Z approach. Proven tools, clear sequential lessons, straight-to-the-point practical processes. And most importantly the ability to clearly articulate the ROI strategy delivers. Now my clients are happily paying me to solve real business problems for them.”

Eisa Dhillon Web Developer at Techiue Faisalabad

" learning how to analyse our data With google Analytics Course Allowed us to Fix a lot of Problems That were holding our website Back from Real Growth "

Abdullah Maqsood Vice President at Gift University Grw

"My Deep Gratitude to Amrat Creators . You are a real Mentor for many like me. I have been in the digital marketing field for the last 4-5 years, one thing I noticed where everyone is eager to sell their affiliate products but not Amrat . The knowledge and fair advice this is what you will get in Amrat inner circle. I have invested lakhs of rupees in courses. But my best decision was to invest in Amrat. Today I have sold 12k+ courses of mine only because of knowledge I gained in Amrat Platform . Thanks a lot, Creators for being there every time I need support....!"

Uzair Saleem Marketing Manager at Buzz Interactive Pakistan

YOU ARE MISSING OUT BIG TIME IF YOU HAVE NOT Downloaded & Subscribed to Amrat. It's a great Platform for non-digital marketers to get acquainted with digital marketing very easily. I can keep watching it again and again and post my questions in the Suggestion Box / Idea box within the website and they are very supportive in answering them.

Umair Hameed marketing Executive at Naheed

" One of the best E-learning platforms I have come across. They are genuinely trying to help their students and always ready to solve any query within a few min I would say. I have never seen a Platform that cares a lot about its students from being active in the community to helping students to get results. I don't know who the founder is but thank him from bottom of my heart "

Muhammad Hussain Freelaner

_ “These courses provided me with new skills and knowledge, especially about the Business "which I was doing it randomly". Now I have a clear objective. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge. I would highly recommend this platform to anyone who is struggling to make a profitable Business and trying to understand Business strategies. I found these courses very helpful and the teaching method very coherent. Thanks once again !

Abdul Rahman Customer Service Representative at Jazz Pk

Genuine, Transparent, Evangelist & Supportive. It might not be instant as I had to wait a while but Amrat's Supportive team will make sure to answer any queries and doubts of their community and be supportive. !! Keep up the good work !!

Mohsin Ghuffor Social Media Marketer

I would really like to thank Amrat for launching such a valuable platform which has a great amount of knowledge and it can help any individual to succeed as an Entrepreneur. Thank you so much for taking such a great step.

Amazing courses. These courses are a lot more than my expectations. I really appreciate your efforts and your intention/vision behind this platform. Thank you so much. 🙂

Marketing Manager at King Pizza Grw

"Undoubtedly, Great E-learning App on Planet"

Mashazil App Developer at Digitrends

" they give Trainees the Power to learn what they Want, without barrier that's why I liked them "

Tabish Younis Product Manager at the American Bakery

Amrat is on track to becoming this country's most Valued e-Learning platform to Students , Entrepreneurs , Business Owners and HomeMakers .

Sher Afghan CFO at GM Sanitary Karachi

"A wonderful and promising initiative started by Mr Idrees Khan. Amrat happens to be an ideal platform for visionaries and talented individuals. The app, the content, and the creative opportunities it provides are top-notch. If you have not really checked it out, I bet y’all are missing on quite a lot."

Awais Answer Strategy manager

" Amazing content. It feels like I have taken admission in an MBA college. great! good for entrepreneurs."

Abu Huraira Siaf Education Consultant

"I think this is an initiative that’s gonna help so many entrepreneurs who couldn’t attend business school because of various reasons. Great work"

Zohaib Ijaz Co-Founder & CMO at I-skills

" Very informative and worth buying course for aspiring Entrepreneurs "

Ahmed Habib Stock Manager at Aleena Mall